donderdag 22 januari 2009

Musical mischmasch

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Thursday January 22
Today, one of those things happened and that is: 
Sakkona got the message clear and loud and he filled it in in his own unspeakable way. He set up a mischmasch of little objects with which he could make music:  pile of sound tapes, coca cola cans, a bottle, a little wrack on which he fastened with red tape metal objects that could make a klingklang sound, glasses with water, plus his own traditional wooden percussion instrument and the drum. He is inventing all sorts af sounds during the reading of the scenes and some of them can be used in he performance.

Tomorrow and Saturday the visual artists may come to the rehearsal to have a little look, and Sakkona's little soundshop can serve as a source af inspiration for them.

The ladies will start to learn their texts. 
The next few days will be separate rehearsals with each of the actresses.

End of the day.
Friendly greetings Annemarie Prins en Richt Martens.

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