maandag 2 februari 2009

Different items

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Monday February 2
Today the dancer Tonh arrived, so the whole performing crew is complete. 
New inspiration! Annemarie has the feeling she has landed into a candy shop; singing, acting, musicking and on top of this cake an amazing dancer. 
Kethya worked with him and that is very clear. She says something, communicates a bit with Annemarie, says something to the dancer and there he goes. 
Dancing is really a craft. He combines (or rather Kethya combines) in a fluid way the traditional Khmer dance and modern dance.

Second item: an amazing meeting.
In order to get permission from the authorities for a location for the first two performances in Phnom Penh, we have to play a few scenes for them in the theatre of the ministry, next week Tuesday.
No problem.

Ferry has gone with Sal to a rental firm for practically everything, light, sound, set. There has to be a lot af communicating about the perfectioning of the sound equipment with the Herrieboerderij and Antoin (thankyou for your mails) and our man in Singapore.

We desperately need a bigger rehearsal space, but sthat seems near to impossible, something we really can not understand, but it is as it is. We'll see.

End of the day.
Bye, bye! Annemarie, Ferry and Richt.

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