woensdag 28 januari 2009


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Wednesday January 28
Yesterday we worked all afternoon only with the musicians, that is Sakkona, Vutha and Sokly. 
Gradually the play is getting full with music, chanted, announcements of the scenes, a few lines that are sung and complete poems. 
Sakkona is amazing, he will compose the music for everything. He plays both on his traditional instruments and on the objects he has assembled. One of these days he is going into town with Ferry to find some more bits and peaces that can be used for making sounds. 
And the cooperation between Sokly, Vutha and Sakkona is perfect. Annemarie has the idea that the voice of Sokly after her illness has grown richer.

All of the poems we use, up till now, are poems of Sam Ou Oeur, a 70 year old poet, who lives in the States. 
Annemarie has traced him by googling and he gives his consent to anything she wants to do with his texts. We thank him for that. 
He writes beautiful poems, strong poems, which are both lyrical and narrative. 

Kethya has to stay at home today, because she absolutely cannot speak anymore, her voice is broken by all the talking in all the rehearsals.

End of the day.
Friendly greetings Annemarie and Richt.

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