dinsdag 20 januari 2009

Searching for locations

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Tuesday January 20
The whole morning was an amazing touristic tour through Phnom Penh. We visited several possible locations for the performance and our hopes are high up that we can find one where we can rehearse for a week, where we will have electricity and where we can built our set exactly as we want it for the tour in the provinces. 

In the afternoon rehearsal with the four actresses, Vutha the singer and Sakkona the musician. It was a good rehearsel. 
For tomorrow Sakkona and Vutha will compose together the music for the text 
Kill kill kill.
Transform the Blood River into a River of Reconciliation.
A river of responsibility.
Talk talk talk.
A text Youk Cchang in the script marked with the word "wow!"

Tonight Obama-night!
We have ice cream, gin tonic, cheese, baguette, chips, wine, coffee, liquorice.
Transition to power.
Yes we can!

See you tomorrow, in a new world!

End of the day.
Friendly greetings Annemarie Prins and Richt Martens.

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