zondag 1 februari 2009

The visual artists

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Sunday February 1
Friday Ferry had his first meeting with the three visual artists, Vollak, Ravuth and Samnang. 
In this meeting the basics for the design of the set were explained. We are going to work on a platform, with a backdrop. 
The first thing is to find out how big the stage has to be. The following day they were asked to build a model, each in a different size. In this way it became much clearer what we need. This was the first time they built a model. It was decided that the platform has to be 6 by 6 meters.
After that they had to design their own view in the basic model. This resulted in three totally different designs, from practical to symbolistic.
Today they had a presentation for Annemarie and Ferry. 
Each one gave his personal view on their visual outcoming, which resulted in interesting conversations. 
After that a plan was made for next week. 
Then they start visiting shops and markets to look for inspiring materials for the setdesign and props. 

Today Fred Frumberg, the founder of Amrita Performing Arts, came back from the States. 

End of the day.
Friendly greetings Annemarie, Ferry and Richt.

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