woensdag 11 februari 2009

How to create a set in Cambodia

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Wednesday February 11
Today a report on the efforts of the designteam.
We decided on the major parts of the set. 
The moveable set construction is in the making. The stage will be 8 meters wide and 7 meters deep. On top of that there will be a construction of 4,5 meters high for light, speakers and backdrops. The visual artists have decided to create a collage of white rice bags for the backdrop and transparent curtains for the sidewalls. The floor will be covered with a traditional Cambodian woven carpet for which they made a special design. The total floor will be covered by 200 snall carpets! 
Great ideas, but so little time!

This morning the translator Thearith and I tried to find crafts men and women to make this woven carpet. That turned out to be far from simple. We ended up in one of the poorest areas in Phnom Penh. After many talks we found out that it was possible, but we had to provide them with bigger weaving equipment and had to buy all the fabrics  in the colours we wanted.
And that is what we did. In this way we can provide about 5 families with new weaving equipments, which they can keep and use in the future. 
Thearith was of great help and she really understood the importance of getting the show on the road and also seeing the importance involving Cambodian people in hte suburbs.

Next Friday we are going to have an unexpected visit there. 
In Cambodia timetables work different, but in theatre it's not.
It's called opening night!

Friendly greetings Ferry.

P.S. The rehearsal this morning had to be cancelled, because the dancer had to perform for the princess at the Royal Palace.

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  1. Hallo
    Ik ben Michel Maas, correspondent van NOS en Volkskrant in ZO Azie
    Ik wil graag een reportage maken over het stuk... en een interview en alles wat daar verder bij hoort.
    Ik arriveer vrijdagavond. Misschien net op tijd voor 'opening night'? Hoe laat is die? en waar?

  2. he richtje,
    veel plezier en blijf genieten....

  3. hallo!!!
    Leuk om het allemaal te lezen:)
    liefs joya