maandag 9 februari 2009

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Monday February 9
The rehearsals are going fine.
Last Saturday we managed to rehearse two times three scenes without interruption. Once in a while there is some commotion. For example when Sakkona starts playing a score that was in the script two weeks ago but in the mean time taken out. 
He is a dreamer and he is fantastic. He makes the proces lively. With only the women it would have become gloomy.
Today we will rehearse for the first time in a new, big rehearsal space.
Yesterday Sakkona and Vuta composed the last song, always a surprise.

Because Fred is very busy Nan took aver the lead of the production team.

The set will be built this week and will thus become the property of Amrita.
There is going to be woven a great rug in Cambodian style, which will cover the whole floor. Beautiful.

Wednesday we have to perform our work in progress for, amongst others, the Secretary of State Ouk Socheat. 
A quote from the Cambodian Daily from today:
"Prime minister Hun Sen warned Sunday that any play, movie or musical featuring monks must from now on be screened and approved by the Ministry of Cults and Religions and the leader of a Buddhist sect before it can be broadcast on television."

An interesting country.

Friendly greetings Annemarie, Nan, Ferry and Richt.

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